Less Headaches, More Income.

Managing inventory is a headache every clinic knows too well. Tying up capital with bulk orders, finding storage space, and dealing with the endless cycle of reorders, tracking, and unsold products.

It’s a time-consuming, costly distraction from patient care. Imagine freeing up that space, time, and money while providing a better product to your patients. With Pillow Slides, there’s no inventory to manage.

Your patients simply scan a QR code to order directly from us, and you earn a share of the revenue. It’s that easy.

How it Works:

Once you place your order you'll receiver a pair of Pillow Relief Slides, the display case, and a custom QR code that's tied to your clinic. The QR code is what gives you a share of the revenue and your patients a discount.

Once it arrives follow these simple steps:

Step 1

You'll receive a custom QR code that you can place on the bottom wall of your box, the QR code allows your clinic to automatically receive a share of the revenue.

Step 2

Place you display case in an area that is visible for your patients to see it, and for it to be talked about.

Step 3

Your patients scan the QR code with their phones, they order from our website, you automatically get a revenue share and they get a discount.

What Make Pillow Relief Slides The Comfiest Slides in The World?

Gentle Arch Support

Gentle Arch Support

We've designed the arch support to be gentle, to support a variety of feet.

Podiatrist Designed

Podiatrist Designed

Dr. Royden Stanford, DPM, a luminary in podiatric biomechanics who has lectured nationally on the subject, utilized his years of experience to craft the design of the Ultimate Relief Slide.

Material Molds To Feet

Material Molds To Feet

We’ve crafted the world’s comfiest material. After testing countless sandals and shoes, we discovered that the perfect balance is essential - comfort without excessive squishiness, which can cause more harm than good. Our material effectively absorbs shock on your feet and joints, while gradually molding to the shape of your feet for optimal support and relief.

Relieves Foot & Joint Pain

Relieves Foot & Joint Pain

Pillow Slides are meticulously designed to alleviate foot and joint pain. Every detail, from the supportive heel cup and arch support to the soft, cushioned material and spacious toe box, is crafted to ensure your feet remain pain-free.

What to Expect:

Long term earning potential. As you patients order more colors, and tell their friends your revenue share continues to grow, it doesn't stop at the first purchase.

Your clinic can earn an additional $10,000 - $120,000 USD per year. 

This is dependent on how large your clinic is and how many people you see per month.

Your clinic gets more exposure. Once you join the program you get listed on our website that averages 2.3 million annual visitors.


Other Brands

We take care of customer support Icon 1 Icon 2 You deal with customer support
We store and ship all inventory Icon 1 Icon 2 You manage & store inventory
No more wasting time on fittings Icon 1 Icon 2 You become a shoe store
No more tying up capital for bulk orders Icon 1 Icon 2 You have to spend thousands on inventory
You get a share of the revenue Icon 1 Icon 2 You're playing catch up to make up for inventory expense
Focus on your business while earning passive income Icon 1 Icon 2 You end up running two businesses, your clinic and product sales.

Who is Pillow Slides

In 2020, driven by my personal battles with debilitating foot and ankle pain, I founded Pillow Slides. The pain was so severe that it began to take me away from the activities I loved. Determined to find a solution, I created Pillow Slides to help myself and countless others suffering from similar issues find relief and reclaim their lives.

- Jacob Thoen

Dr. Royden Stanford, DPM, is a luminary in the field of podiatric biomechanics. With years of experience in understanding and treating foot and joint pain, Dr. Stanford has dedicated his career to improving the lives of those suffering from these conditions. His mission to help people find relief perfectly aligned with our vision at Pillow Slides, leading to the creation of the Ultimate Relief Slide.

- Dr Royden Stanford

Limited-Time Deal:

Save Up To 25% Off


Recommended for 50-500 monthly Patients


  • Display Case
  • Custom QR Code
  • Onboarding Rep
  • 1x Pair of Slides



For 500-1500 Monthly Patients


  • 3x Display Case
  • Custom QR Code
  • Onboarding Rep
  • 5x Pairs of Slides
$600 $500



For 1500+ Monthly Patients


Extra small / black

  • 5x Display Cases
  • 5x QR Codes
  • Onboarding Rep
  • 15x Pairs of Slides
$1000 $750

If your practice doesn't make back it's initial investment in the first 60 days, you can have your money back.


What is the revenue share?

Each slide is sold for $100 USD and your clinic receives 20% on every purchase.

How do I get paid?

You'll get an email to signup to receive payouts, everything else is automated and preset through your custom QR code you receive.

What happens if the patients want a different size or color?

You don't have to deal with any hassle, we take care of it and offer free returns and exchanges. They will be prompted to reach out to use once they order.